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Torini Gearing for South Australia

This is  recommended starting gearing for Clubmaxx medium, or Supermaxx Heavy.
Lighter drivers may prefer to remove one tooth and heavier drivers may choose to add one tooth.
Gearing in 4ss can be a personal preference and is a balance between corner exit speed and straight line speed.
Compromising straight line speed by adding more teeth is often effective in this class for overall lap time.

Tyre Pressure for Vega VAH?
12.5PSI Cold (or between 7 and 20 PSI)

Start with 12.5 PSI cold and work from there
I personally use 10.5 PSI cold almost every session!
Depending on track conditions, driver preference and chassis setup this tyre can be competitive from 7 PSI through to 20 PSI. Low pressures work the sidewall of the tyre more and provide more bite, while higher pressures heat the tread surface quicker and provide faster straight line speeds. What works for someone else may not work for you so test and find what does!


T4 Torini Run In Procedure

Please note this is not the same proceedure reccomended by Torini. and should be used at your own discretion.
- No need to pre-warm engine.
- Do Not rev on stand ever.
- Using 500ml of Torini Run in oil as supplied with engine.
- It is normal to find, fine metallic material in used engine oil.

Track Session 1
Start engine, idle for no more than 30 seconds, Drive immediately onto the track slowly and proceed to the first corner. On exiting first corner use full throttle and accelerate to 4000RPM Max
on reaching 4000 rpm lift and coast, and drive at not more than 4000 rpm until the next corner, and the repeat this process for a total of 10 laps of your circuit. No longer than 10 minutes.

NB. During the first session, the standard 19t GEL Clutch is also running in and will often start to slip.
Avoid repeatedly dropping back to low RPM below the engagement point of the clutch.
If this slip gets to a point where the kart can’t easily climb to 4000RPM, Stop the session and recommence after cooling. The clutch will not be an issue next time. Some Blueing of clutch drum is normal.

Track Session 2
The same as Session 1, except Max RPM is now 5000RPM

Track Session 3
Drive it flat out at race pace for 10 laps.
After completion of session, drain oil while hot and refill with no more than 500ml of run in oil.

Completion of run in,
Use the second fill of run in oil for the next hour on track at normal racing speed and then drain the oil while hot. Refill with no more than 500ml of racing oil and enjoy the engine.

Future major maintenance?
Other than regular oil changes,
T4 Recommend changing Clubmaxx Valve Springs every 20 to 25 hours
and Supermaxx Valve Springs every 10 hours.


Fitting a Torini Engine

T4 Specialise in fitting 4 Stroke engines, but if you are giving it a go, you will need to know that the standard Torini engine plate does not provide enough offset for most karts on the market. Karting Australia have provided an approved method of drilling additional holes to make it work well. please see the following link