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Getting Started FAQ's

Why 4SS?
4SS is the cheapest way to enter competitive bitumen karting in Australia.
Engine maintenance is significantly reduced, and tyre life is considerably longer than 2 stroke classes. The karts are the same as used in 2 stroke karting classes and everything learned in 4SS is transferrable to other classes later if you desire.

Is 4SS for me?
For someone starting out in karting generally at T4 our answer to this question is yes!
There is a broad range of class weight options to suit people of various sizes and engine maintenance is less daunting. If you are simply looking to go as fast as possible and budget is no barrier, we can also help you into other classes like restricted 125cc 2 stroke or KA100 Air cooled 2 strokes.

What about 2 stroke classes?
The traditional Kart racers out there wouldn’t race anything else! There is nothing quite like the high-pitched scream of a 2-stroke engine at 16,000RPM and the smell of burning castor oil.  To start out as a senior in a 2-stroke class, the most common route is into the restricted 125cc class. The most competitive engine is the IAME X30 ($4550*) and other options include the Rotax Evo ($4785*) and Vortex Rok GP ($4699*) a less common option is the PRD Galaxy ($3499*)

One key advantage here is that there are often lots of secondhand packages around, which can make the jump into these classes not significantly more than 4ss from an initial purchase point of view. However – the engines have been upgraded so many times over recent years that anything but the very latest specification with the latest parts will likely be uncompetitive.

You also need to factor in rebuild costs.

-  The X30 needs to have a top end rebuild approximately every 10 hours of use. (The most
competitive drivers do these every 6 hours or less) The cost of this is usually around $500 but could cost more depending on where you choose to have it done. Every 35-40 hours a Full rebuild including bottom end bearings and conrod should be done at a cost of approx. $1200
- T
he Rotax engine can be stretched out to 20-25 hours for a top end and 50 for a bottom end, and the cost of these rebuilds is similar to the x30 listed above.

The Tyres for the 125cc Restricted class and the KA100 Air cooled 2 stroke classes are the Lecont LH03 at $295* a set incl freight; whilst you may get Two race meetings from a set of these tyres, they wear far faster than the 4ss
Maxxis Sport tyre which are $289 a set incl freight


How Fast are 4ss classes?

At most tracks, 4ss lap times are 10% slower than restricted 125cc.
Dependent on track, we still reach speeds of 90KPH, instead of 100KPH.
The Supermaxx engine is usually a second A lap faster than the clubmaxx engine.
A Supermaxx engine at 185KG does lap times comparable with a clubmaxx at 140KG

Which 4ss Class?
Clubmaxx are the most popular classes in SA and Victoria. It is the cheaper class to run and there is simply less components to go wrong. I.e. No starter motor, battery, or electrical system. Also, the Clubmaxx engine is under stressed and therefore has a longer competitive lifetime.

Supermaxx has a strong following at many clubs in QLD and it would pay to check what is popular where you want to race. 
T4 do not reccomend Supermaxx engines or classes, as the value proposition does not stack up.

Junior 4ss is taking off in many areas also and utilizes the exact same engines as the senior clubmaxx classes.

Cadet 4ss is now able to use any cadet chassis, and is just as fast as the Vortex Mini Rok 2 stroke cadet classes for less money! Cadet 4ss uses a slightly smaller carburetor and manifold to the clubmaxx senior engine, that can be upgraded to a junior engine later for minimal cost.

Class weights?
The following class weights represent the lightest weight you must be at the end of any race.
The weight is a combination of kart, driver and racewear.
You may add lead to your kart to achieve the minimum weight closest suited to you.

4SS Cadet 100KG

4SS Cadet kart weight 60-65kg

4SS Junior 130KG
4SS Junior Kart weight – 65-75KG

4SS Senior Light 140 KG
4SS Senior Medium 155KG
4SS Senior Heavy 170KG (SA 175KG)

Senior Clubmaxx Kart weight (70-75kg)

4SS Super Light 155KG
4SS Super Medium 170KG
4SS Super Heavy 185 KG

Senior Supermaxx kart weight (73-78KG)

Restricted 125 Light 160KG
Restricted 125 Medium 180KG

Restricted 125 Kart weight (83-88KG)

How long do engines last?
A big drawcard for 4SS is that the engines are sealed and cannot therefore be rebuilt as part of regular maintenance. If there is a problem internally the engine can only be repaired by the manufacturer Torini.

We are yet to see a clubmaxx engine wear out!
However – we have seen that most guys at the very pointy end of the field look to replace their clubmaxx engines around 50 hours of age as they may have lost the edge (a tenth or two of a second per lap) these 50Hour engines are often sold between $1000-$1250 offering a cheaper way into the class for newcomers and there are many clubmaxx engines still getting around with over 100 hours on them still running just fine!

Supermaxx engines are no longer recomended by T4 and likely to need a major overhaul before 50 hours, we can assist with a “long block” replacement by the manufacturer at a cost of approx. $1700 if you do need it.

How long do tyres last?
The Maxxis Super Sport tyres used in 4SS is the most durable tyres in Karting Australia today.
the tyre is competitive for 200 laps, and we have seen people using them for club meets and practice for as much as 600 laps. Racing at a competitive front of the field level, I do three or four race meetings on a new set and then they become my practice set for my next two practice days. So I still get 5 or 6 competitive race/practice days from a set. In comparison I would only do 2 meetings and one practice on a the restricted 125cc tyre, and the practice day might end up going off the pace.

What other gear do I need and where do I get it?

You need race gear, T4 can supply it too!

Helmet – Full face motorcycle helmets are allowed and are the cheapest way to get a suitable helmet. Suggest trying on what works for you best at your local motorcycle shop.

Race Suit – T4 can supply a huge range of suits which we source from IKD, checkout international Karting distributors website, our pricing mirrors theirs and you get free freight!

Gloves – We have a limited range of T4 gloves for $35, otherwise we source from IKD, checkout international Karting distributors website, T4 pricing mirrors theirs and you get free freight!

Boots – We source from IKD, checkout international Karting distributors website, T4 pricing mirrors theirs and you get free freight!

Mylaps Transponder
The cheapest way to buy this is from Mylaps on a subscription service, starting from $159.50 for the device and your first year. it is $$95 per year after that. A new unit with a perpetual licence (non subscription) is $724.50, used you can find older non-subscription units for around $350-400. To purcahse a transponder you must buy it directly from Mylaps.

Data logger
Check out Alfano 6 or Mychron 5S allow $700-900
We personally use Alfano, and the main reason is having a phone app to analyse data, where the mychron needs a PC for full analysis.


Kart Transport!
A trailer or ute, Karts are 1400mm wide at the rear (Maximum) so they do not fit in a 6 X 4 Trailer.
though you can make up a platform to hold them on top! Sky is the limit with trailers, so feel free to ask us for advice.


Club Membership
Depending on your club, costs will vary, in SA this is between $200-300 and includes practice access to your home track year round.

Karting Australia Licence.
Costs is variable dependent on state, in SA this is approx. $375 PA.

*Any prices listed are current as at January 2024

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