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Torini Repairs

Loan Engines

T4 Are prepared to make sure you never miss a race meeting.
We carry a spare clubmaxx engine.

This is supplied with a carburettor, air filter, intake manifold and chain guard.
You will retain and use your own clutch, clutch fittings, exhaust and engine mounts.
T4 will prepare and jet the engine for use. Any jetting changes made must be discussed with T4.

Should we ever need more then one engine away for repair at once we will endeavour to find you an alternative engine, even if it means giving you one of our own race engines.



In the rare occurrence of an engine failure, Torini (Austech Industries) are able to repair engines at the factory in Queensland. T4 Understands this isn't convenient for SA based racers and has implemented a service to manage the freight and repair process. 

You can drop your engine to T4 or leave it with us at the track, we will prepare and pack the engine for return and loan you a T4 shop engine for the duration of your repair if required.


Upon return of your engine from Torini, we will fill it with run in oil ready to be run in again.

The Cost of this process is $150, inclusive of, preparation, packaging, freight, case management, loan engine and run in oil on return. Torini will assess your engine for warranty repair vs repair at your cost and we will pass any repair charges through at cost.

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