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T4 Explains Kart Wheels

Did you know that the wheel you choose changes the way your kart feels and handles?
This is often overlooked, and it is a bit of a black art to understand. Here we try to demystify wheels!

Factors in wheel types.

Aluminium – Heats up faster, retains heat, Softer material
Magnesium – Heats up slower, dissipates heat quicker, Stiffer material

Anodized – Allows better heat dissipation, (anodized magnesium still corrodes)
Powder Coat/Paint – maintains appearance better, cheaper.
Oxitech – White finish that acts like anodizing on magnesium but doesn’t corrode.

Air Volume
Lower Air volume was a big fad around 2008-2010
The idea is the less air volume, the less change in PSI when the temp goes up.
this is great in theory, but wheels with these designs tended to flex differently and that effect on stiffness ultimately made them not perform as well as a mid-volume wheel like an OTK Wheel.


Wheel Design
As above, I think the shape and design of the wheel matter more than anything else, the curves and dimensions of a wheel seem to affect the way it handles significantly. The best shape wheels seem to follow in the footsteps of the OTK wheels particularly the MXC. – AMV wheels for example have a larger outside diameter on the lip of the wheel, which may provide more rigidity to the sidewall, but makes fitting the tyre harder

Most wheels now measure 58mm from the back of the wheel to the hub mating surface, a bigger measurement here moves the flex point of the wheel closer to the outside of the kart. In my experience a larger offset can induce more slide/release. AMV offer both offsets as do some others. Freeline wheels in particular have a very deep offset. 

Front wheels with bearings?
For those who still have 17mm stub axles you can run a front wheel that has a bearing in the wheel itself, which means you don’t need front hubs. It is an older concept in karting, but I actually love the steering feel with it, it can also settle the kart really well by softening steering feel. Conversely if you already have these, just buy a set of 17mm hubs and you can run anything else.

Wheel widths.
Senior wheels now are almost always 130mm wide for fronts and 210mm wide for rears.
if you see smaller measurements they are probably for cadets or are wet wheels.

Wet Wheels
You can run a standard front wheel, but a 180mm wide rear wheel is preferred.
alloy wheels are the traditional go to for Wets and I’m not too fussy as to brand.
Edwards do a cool set that you can reverse, so each wheel can run a deep or shallow offset depending which side you bolt it up.

Specific Models
OTK MXJ - T4 Rating 8

A sweet high grip underdog that all the cool kids sell cheap.
Painted (mustard colour)  Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset

OTK MXC - T4 Rating 9.5

The quintessential favourite in all levels of karting for good reason.
as far as we’re concerned this wheel still has the best level of grip release on corner exit of any wheel. But you will pay for them!
Anodized Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset
OTK Anodized wheels always end up looking corroded and weird in time. Patina is in fashion though.



MXL/MXQ - T4 Rating 8.5
Looks and feels like an MXC but thicker lips stiffer heavier design and just not quite as good. But if you get them for the right price, these are a great choice.
Anodized Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset
OTK Anodized wheels always end up looking corroded and weird in time. Patina is in fashion though.

NOTE for AMV: Kart Republic Stud Patterns are different and only available in AMV wheels, All AMV wheels come in standard OTK stud patterns or KR stud patterns be careful buying.

AMV 3F - T4 Rating 10

Without doubt our favourite wheel, looks and feels pretty much like an MXC, has more mid corner to exit grip which suits us.
Oxitech White finish Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset. 67mm offset may be available.
(don’t be fooled oxitech is bloody hard to keep clean and actually does wear off)

AMV Tiger - T4 Rating 7.5

This wheel looks the goods! It is really designed to generate grip and for 4ss classes I think it’s too much.
Oxitech White finish Magnesium mid Volume.
Deep 67mm Offset.
(don’t be fooled oxitech is bloody hard to keep clean and actually does wear off)

AMV 9F – T4 Rating 9

It's just like a 3f with 9 more holes in it. The idea is to run mathing amx 9 hole hubs that allow airflow and cooling to wheel centre. Pretty sure that doesn’t do much.
Oxitech White finish Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset. 67mm offset may be available.
(don’t be fooled oxitech is bloody hard to keep clean and actually does wear off

AMV Lynx - T4 Rating 8.5

The latest from AMV, look pretty cool, but like most 67m,m offset wheels we don’t love em’ different grip release characteristic to a 3F. with testing may be good. Oxitech White finish Magnesium low Volume.
Deep 67mm Offset.
(don’t be fooled oxitech is bloody hard to keep clean and actually does wear off)

Douglas (DWT) SE -T4 Rating 9

These are a copy of an OTK MXC, but they are powder coated instead of anodized and the cross sectional thickness of material is thicker. They come standard on arrow karts and are pretty common. Honestly these are overlooked far too often, they are great wheels. Sure they don’t quite have the special magic that an AMV 3F or MXC provides, but they are the next best thing.
Powder Coated (Black)  Magnesium mid Volume.
Standard 58mm Offset

Douglas (DWT) Solid -T4 Rating 7.5

Earlier model of the SE, different shape and full volume.
This style of wheel isn’t very popular now and not widely used on modern tyres.
They actually aren’t bad though! Still come standard on some karts like IPK. (Praga etc)
Powder Coated (Black)  Magnesium mid Volume.
Check Offset

Douglas (DWT) Vented
T4 Rating 7.5

Not to be confused with the low volume vented. These seem to be the same as the original Douglas Solid in every way except they have vent holes in them. Can also get a bearing front wheel
Powder Coated (Black)  Magnesium mid volume.
Check Offset

Douglas (DWT) Low Volume Vented (also see generic Chinese vented magnesium)- T4 Rating 6

I just don’t like these wheels, they look pretty sweet but a big 67mm offset and a really low air volume, have never been able to get them to work well, in our experience they lead to a slidey kart.
Powder Coated (Black)  Magnesium low volume.
67mm offset

Generic Chinese Vented Magnesium
Oryx, GT, Other names.


T4 Rating 5 – (9 for the bearing front!)
Almost all of the cheap Chinese magnesium wheels are a dead set copy of the douglas low volume, they have been sold under heaps of names, you could even order from a manufacturer in china and add your own name without much fuss.
they still suck just like the original.
Powder Coated (Black or Gold)  Magnesium low volume.
67mm offset
The exception is the low volume magnesium bearing fronts which are actually great,

Note Stud Pattern for CRG front wheels are different
CRG 2021 Vented Magnesium (light) painted black

These are so light and handle well, but cross section of material is extremely thin, only wheel I’ve ever broken clean in half in a small accident.

CRG Black solid magnesium

Classic CRG wheel, not much to say, they work fine, like a douglas really.

CRG Gold Magnesium
CRG’s version of an MXC for their karts – CRG guys seem to like em!

Techo Magnesium Solid

The best wheel ever for MG Red and clubman type SL Tyre classes,
Solid bearing fronts are pretty unique.

“KG” wheels (Pic tba)
These wheels were brilliant on the hardest tyres like Dunlop SL1, less common now but still a brilliant wheel option.

Edwards Magnesium Wheel

This was a big leap for Edwards back in the 2000’s they invested in tooling to try and combat the newer European magnesium wheels. They made a super low volume wheel that looked good on paper, but ultimately no one really like them, and they still don’t.


Edwards (SA)  - T4 rating 6.5

T4 rating 6.5
Made right here in Adelaide and still to this day.
The original alloy wheels, spoked or solid, performance is always similar. I don’t love them because the offset is usually 67mm but quality wise cant go past em.
67mm offset plain aluminium wheel

Prodezine (Europe) - T4 Rating 8

Just what the doctor ordered, alloy wheels with offsets to match modern magnesium wheels, throw them on to get the kart to come on fast (and possibly go off just as fast)
I genuinely rate these though.
58mm offset plain aluminium wheel

AMV (Rare but do exist!)

T4 Rating 8.5
I LOVE these wheels, and have won pretty much everything on them until changing to AMV 3f later on. They make a standard alloy which are discontinued but still  make the Tiger alloy, to generate all the grip in the world these are the go.
58mm offset anodized aluminium wheel


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